[DIY] How to Create Psychedelic Wallpapers?

Fascinated with those trippy backgrounds and amazing psychedelic wallpapers? Well, everyone is! These HD trippy wallpapers are in high popularity these days. With them, you can alter the appearance the home screen of your Android, Desktop, iPhone, iPad, and almost every other device.

The best thing is that you can easily create these eye-striking wallpapers and backgrounds with ease. So, if you want to learn the precise ways to create high-resolution psychedelic wallpapers to enhance the home screen of your preferred device, then know the best ways! But before that, let me explain to you what psychedelic images and trippy wallpapers are.

How To Create Psychedelic Wallpapers By Yourself? 

What is Psychedelic or Trippy Wallpapers?

Psychedelic wallpapers or trippy backgrounds are creative art designs available in high resolution and different forms.  Such images are optical illusions showcasing effects that are attractive and appealing. Besides a well-designed art, such backgrounds are high-contrasted. For this reason, they have a quite different appearance as compared to regular wallpapers. These wallpapers appear like 3D paintings and illusions.

Create Psychedelic Wallpapers

Create Psychedelic Wallpapers

Whether you are a MAC, iPad, Desktop, or an Android user, you can create and use these wallpapers to enhance the look of your device. So, if you want to learn to create such amazing wallpapers by yourself then read this post till the end and know the easiest ways.

Tutorial 1. Learn to Create Psychedelic Wallpapers on Desktop with Paint

  1. Open paint and you will find the ‘Programs’ option in Start Menu. Go to ‘Accessories’ in Programs.
  2. Set the desired size by making necessary changes in the Image attribute section. You can also set it to 8 x 8.
  3. If you find normal zoom setting too small, then zoom out in custom paint menus.
  4. It would be better if you turn on the grid setting. This will allow you to view grid pixels easily.
  5. Select a color and select the ‘fill’ icon to color the background.
  6. Pick the ‘pencil’ icon to create a customized pattern. Select different colors as per your choice and create a pattern.
  7. Once you are done, save the pattern in bitmap form or *bmp.
  8. Right, click on Windows desktop and select properties. Then select the desktop icon and bmp. The file you have created. It must be present in ‘My Pictures.’ Hit ‘Ok.’
  9. In just a few seconds you will have amazing look psychedelic wallpaper on your desktop screen.


Tutorial 2. Learn to Create Psychedelic Wallpaper on your device in Photoshop

  1. With the use of some unique layer styles and lesser-known techniques, you can create appealing psychedelic wallpapers in Photoshop.
  2. Draft a new image in 300 x 300 pixels to draft a new layer. Use your favorite color in paint bucket to fill the new layer.
  3. You can add a gradient to the layer by double-clicking on the overlay.
  4. Transform the settings to generate a noise gradient. You can always change the gradient colors by clicking on randomizing buttons.
  5. Right-click on the new layer and hit ‘Merge down.’ This will integrate the background layer and new layer.
  6. Select the filter option, blur image and then you will get a beautiful image.
  7. Save the image.
  8. Now create another layer in the same way and add a pattern overlay layer style using the Nebula pattern.
  9. Select the two layers and merge down. Save the final layer.
  10. This way you can create multiple layers to create an exclusive pattern.
  11. Now click on Filter, stylize, glowing edges and Liquify window. If there is anything you want to undo then click Ctrl + Z.
  12. Use the created image as your psychedelic wallpaper.


Tutorial 3. Learn to Create Psychedelic Wallpaper in Illustrator

  1. Create a novel RGB document in 800 x 800 pixels.
  2. Add square with the Rectangle tool and align it with canvas borders. You can even select Align to settings to place the square in center, vertical, or horizontal area.
  3. With the help of brush tool draw some shapes on the canvas. You can use any type of brush. But make sure you don’t leave a stroke.
  4. Using the Direct Selection Tool, adjust the canvas.
  5. Select Cmd + A, and then divide the area on Pathfinder panel.
  6. You can add some circles or patterns with the Ellipse tool. Color each object with solid fills.
  7. Once your image is colored, you can go to Object, Path, and offset path to create smaller circles inside. You can even manage the size of the image as per your preference.
  8. Turn off the visibility by creating a new layer. Add a circle with Ellipse tool. Then adjust the width.
  9. Select the entire image in 800 x 800px rectangles and then create a vector mask.
  10. Use your pattern to enhance the look of your home screen

So, you see, these are simple ways to create psychedelic wallpapers on your favorite device and with your preferred tool. Create great stuff and if the result is too exclusive then you can even use it commercially. Have fun!

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