Psychedelic Wallpapers HD For Windows & Android [Trippy Backgrounds]

Are you searching for trippy backgrounds and psychedelic wallpapers for your iPhone, Android, or Desktop? If yes, then it would be wise if you gain complete knowledge about them.m Before searching or creating psychedelic wallpapers for your device, you must have an idea what are they and why they are so popular. So, if you want to know everything about psychedelic wallpapers, then have a glance at my words below!

What are Psychedelic Wallpapers or Trippy Backgrounds?

While you must want to get those amazing trippy backgrounds HD on the home screen of your desktop, smartphone, iPhone, iPad or another device, but might be you still know about it. So, first let us know what these wallpapers are.

Psychedelic wallpapers are created using the concept of Psychedelic art. Basically, these are optical illusions and undefined patterns that are used to create 3D wallpapers in HD resolution. While earlier the concept was limited to create patterns on the canvas. But like other things, even it has evolved and has become one of the most popular ways to create appealing and eye-striking wallpapers.

These wallpapers or images have a distinct look as compared to other wallpapers in HD. You can use such background in HD to enhance the overall appearance of your mobile, mac or Desktop. Some of the prominent features of the psychedelic art form are:

  • Kaleidoscopic, Paisley or Fractal patterns
  • Metaphysical, incredible and surrealistic matters
  • Use of contrasting and bright colors
  • Extreme depth of stylization and precision to detail
  • Morphing of themes, objects, and creating a collage
  • Spiral, phosphenes, diffraction patterns, entopic motifs, and concentric circles
  • Use of hand-lettering and innovative typography, including warping as well as altering positions of negative and positive spaces

Psychedelic Wallpapers Free Download (Trippy HD Backgrounds)

Why are Psychedelic Wallpapers So Popular?

Some prominent reasons for the increased popularity of psychedelic wallpapers are:

  • These wallpapers use bright and contrasting colors. As a result, their overall appearance is absolutely different from other wallpapers in use.
  • Though these wallpapers are designed in a still mode, they appear moving. So, if you are looking for a wallpaper that seems moving or dynamic but does not increases the burden on your phone memory then this is an excellent choice.
  • These are customized wallpapers that can be tailored to match personal preferences and taste. They give a 3D effect to a screen.
  • These wallpapers are absolutely amazing. They look smashing on the big screen like mac or Desktop.
  • Since these wallpapers are so appealing and can be tailored to your personal color and pattern choice, so they have gained huge popularity in a short time span.

You can also check out few full hd wallpapers for mobile from here.

Final Words,

So no matter which device you use, what your color choices are if you are looking for a wallpaper that suits your personality and best meet your preferences then psychedelic wallpapers is an excellent choice.

Either plan to create these wallpapers or try searching for some amazing wallpapers online. Just click on the desired background HD and use the image option to enhance the look of your device.